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The LED Vision Curtain is a great and reliable device that can meet most of your demands for entertainment markets. It can be just plug-and-play, and also can be controlled via standard DMX512 for sophisticated requirements.

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User Manual

Welcome to use LED Vision Curtain , Please read following Safety Notes as well as those in User Manual carefully before connection, installing, operation or maintaining this product.

Ⅰ. Safety Notes

1. After receiving the new LED Vision Curtain, please open the packing carton to check the goods and all other accessories whether they are consistent with packing list and in good condition, in case finding something damaged by transportation, please contact the reseller or distributor to repair or change.

2. LED Vision Curtain is for indoor use only!

3. LED Vision Curtain should be far from rain, moisture, water and any other liquid.

4. LED Vision Curtain should be far from flammability, explode and heating.

5. LED Vision Curtain should be far from shock,vibration,impact and dust.

6. LED Vision Curtain must be installed in a location with adequate ventilation, at least 50cm from adjacent surfaces.

7. The connection, installation, operation and maintenance of LED Vision Curtain should be processed by qualified person.

8. Make sure no ventilation slots are blocked.

9. Prohibit trample and tear the LED Vision Curtain, keep the internal cable connection in order.

10. Electrical connection must be carried out by qualified person.

11. Make sure the voltage and frequency of power supply match the power require of this device.

12. Always connect this product to a grounded circuit to avoid the risk of electrocution.

13. Do not connect LED Vision Curtain to a dimmer.

14. Make sure the power cord is not crimped or damaged.

15. Never pull out the plug from power cord by pulling or tugging on the cord.

16. Never operate this product with the covers removed.

17. Always disconnect this product from the power supply before cleaning or attempting any maintenance work.

18. Never carry this product from any moving part, Always use the hanging/mounting bracket or the handles.

19. The maximum ambient temperature is 40℃, Do not operate this product at higher temperatures.

20. In case of a serious operation problem, stop using this product immediately and contact reseller or distributor.


Any damages caused by the non-observance of this manual or any unauthorized modification to this product are not be subject to warranty.


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Ⅱ. Advantages

  1. 1. SMD LEDs 3 in 1 / RGB mixing 7 colors.
  2. 2. Pure color and longer life.
  3. 3. Soft, smooth and flexible, can be folded.
  4. 4. Fire retardant velvet, against fire.
  5. 5. Small volume and light weight.
  6. 6. Easy connection and combination.
  7. 7. Easy installation and transportation.

Ⅲ. Technology Parameters

1. Product Description

All LED Vision Curtain are made of high brightness SMD LEDs 3 in 1/RGB, and fire retardant velvet cloth. 35 exciting patterns , and support for 8 channels of DMX, the LED Vision Curtain also comes equipped with a sound activation mode, and the ability to choose and run your favorite program with a simple press of a button without a DMX-512 console.

2 layers of smooth velvet sewn with wool. Many grommets fitted on our industrial machines around the cloths. Fitted with a standard UK/USA/EUROPE main plug, just plug it into a plug socket on the controller , turn on the power supply ,and then choose and run your favorite program.

2. Product Specification

Voltage: Input Voltage: AC90V-240V, 3A/2A,50/60Hz. 25W/150W

Output Voltage: DC 5V/5A, DC5V/30A


Power consumption: 30W~150W

Lamp: SMD LEDs 3 in 1 / RGB

Life: 50,000 hours

LED Pitch: 18cm / 9cm

DMX channel: 8 ch

LCD Screen in the controller

Control system: Controller with SD Card / DMX Controller / Sound Active / Auto run

Number of program: 35 programs

Led color: 3 in 1 / RGB , mixing 7 colors

Cloth color: Black , White (Can be custom made)

3. Packing Include

One LED Vision Curtain

One Controller

One Power Cable

One User Manual

Spare LEDs

Reusable Zip Ties


Note: The curtain is connected to the controller directly.

Ⅳ. Installation

LED Vision Curtain can be used by single or through combination to make a large led curtain.

1. Product Overview

(1) LED Vision Curtain

led twinkling backdrop

(2) Controller

led twinkling backdrop

led twinkling backdrop

(3) Controller Description




Press to find an operation mode or to back out of the current menu option


Press to scroll up the list of options or to find a higher value


Press to scroll down the list of options or to find a lower value


Press to activate a menu option or a selected value

(4) Menu Options


Programming Steps



Software Version

Shows the software version number



Disables unit’s auto mode function


Enables unit’s auto mode function



Disables unit’s sound mode function


Enables unit’s sound mode function

DMX Mode


Disables unit’s DMX512 mode function



Enables unit’s DMX512 mode and sets starting address



Shows the software version number




Disables unit’s auto mode function


Enables unit’s auto mode function

(5)DMX Address Setting

To select the starting address, do the following:

(1) Press <MENU> repeatedly until DMX shows on the display.

(2) Press <ENTER>.

(3) Press <UP> to select Yes in the menu.

(4) Press <ENTER>. Address should appear on the screen.

(5) Use <UP> or <DOWN> to select the starting address.

(6) Press <ENTER>.

(6)DMX Channels Function

Channel NO.


Controller Data

CH 1



CH 2



CH 3






CH 5



CH 6

Preset Patterns select

1-35 Patterns select

CH 7

DIY Patterns select

1-18 Patterns select

CH 8


11~255 ( Slow ~ Fast )

2. Installation

(1) After receiving the new LED Vision Curtain, take out to check whether the LED Vision Curtain is damaged, and all accessories is as per the Packing Include, make sure all things are already.

(2) Unfold the LED Vision Curtain.

(3) Hang the LED Vision Curtain on the truss with reusable zip ties, and fasten the reusable zip ties at the other three sides of this curtain.

(4) Use male and female velcro at the left and right side of the LED Vision Curtain to make the nearby vision curtain connect together.

Combine several pieces LED Vision Curtain to make a big curtain

There are male and female velcro at the left and right side of the LED Vision Curtain , the function of these velcro is just to combine several pieces into one. But not to load too much.

led twinkling backdrop

(1) Signal Cable Connection

There is Signal Cable with 4pin plug at the back of each curtain , Connecting this Signal Cable to the controller ,and then lock the nut on the plug. For several pieces curtains , just need to connect the controllers with 3pin DMX Signal Cable.

(2) Power Cable Connection

Get out the Power Cable from the carton, Before connecting this cable between controller and power supply, please make sure the voltage is AC90V-240V 50Hz-60Hz.

(3) Disassembly

(1) Cut off Power Cable

(2) Cut off Signal Cable

(3) Unfasten the velcro between LED Vision Curtain

(4) Release all reusable zip ties

(5) Clean the LED Vision Curtain

(6) Fold the LED Vision Curtain and put it into the carton

V. Replacement of the LEDs

(1) Cut off the power supply

(2) Disconnect the power cable and signal cable

(3) Open the zip fastener at the side of led curtain

(4) Disconnect the wires between the LEDs

(5) Take out the LED holder from the cloth

(6) Take out PCB board with LEDs

(7) Connect the replace PCB board with LEDs ( Please note the small marks "+" and "-" on the PCB board)

(8) Insert the lamp holder into the hole made on the cloth

(9) Connect the power cable and signal cable , then turn on the power for testing.

(10)Still without working, please test the wires connection

(11)Close the cloth again.