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P6 - Pixel Pitch 6cm

Pixel Pitch : 60mm
Features :

KHX PC Control P6 LED Vision Curtain
Pixel Pitch :6cm(60mm)
New high output tri-color SMD LEDs
DIY  your own  patterns via our powerful and free software (LEDStudio).
Create your own play list.

Connect to PC play in real-time.
Full RGB color mixing capability to match your events color scheme 
Great for DJ’s, bands, clubs and stages 
Certified fire retardant material
Easy for installation, you can hang it onto the wall, or pin it on wall or ceiling, it with hanging holes and Velcro on each side of the fabric.
Easy for carrying, the weight is light, and it's soft and foldable, many customers buy it for rent.
Best product for decoration, you can show video, text , beautiful effect on the fabric, you can edit the content / program to show on the fabric.
The size of the fabric can be customized ,we can make any size as per your request, such as 2x3m, 4x5m, 5x6m , etc, we can make it to be any size .
Wide application, can use as stage backdrop, wall backdrop, very suitable for stage, club, bar, disco decoration, or for party, event decoration.
Cheap price , to be compared with the led screen , the price of this led fabric is quite cheap, it's affordable for most customers.


Easy for fit and dismantle, the design is convenient and safe for installer. The small size can be matching together as a large size by our convenient design.

Pixel pitch:6cm (60mm)
Light source: New high output tri-color SMD LEDs
Input voltage: auto-ranging 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Size (controller): 5.3 x 9.6 x 2 in (135 x 243 x 50mm)
Size (drape): Can be Customized
Approvals: CE

Package include:
1. LED Vision Curtain: 1 pcs
2. Controller: 1 pcs
3. Power supply: 1pcs or more
3. 2 Pin power cable: 1 pcs
4. 3 pin Controller Cable: 1 pcs
5. LED Lamp: 20 pcs RGB LED lamp (spare parts)
6. Resuable zip ties: 100pcs
7. Disc: 1pcs
8. User's manual: 1 pcs

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  1. P60 LED Stage Curtain P60 LED Stage Curtain

    P6 2*3M LED Vision Curtain

    P6 2X3M LED Vision Curtain Pixel pitch:6cm Use the Ethernet cable connect to PC play in real-time. Play any type video file,camera. sound active mode. Create your own play list. Come with software LEDStudio. Controller & Power supply Included Light source: 1600 New high output tri-color SMD LEDs Size: 78 x 118 in / 2 x 3 m

    Regular Price: $1,500.00

    Special Price $1,250.00

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